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Review of Seattle’s Blueacre Seafood

Posted on : 15-05-2011 | By : yummyfinds | In : Seafood, Seattle, West Coast

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A couple weeks ago, Kris and I went down to Seattle for a weekend getaway.  We had the luxury of staying downtown for a decent price (thanks to Priceline!), so we had the chance to explore a few restaurants in the area.  Our concierge recommended lunch at Blueacre Seafood, a downtown gem serving wild sustainably-caught seafood.  And boy were we in for a yummy treat!

Blueacre Seafood had a 3 course prix fixe lunch menu for only $15.  Yes, only $15!  And this was a nice fancy seafood restaurant too, similar to our Bluewater Cafe in Vancouver.  I still can’t believe the price for the exceptional quality of food we received.

So, for starters, we had the Duck and Andouille Sausage Gumbo, and the Crispy Clam Fritters.  The Gumbo was very yummy, with shreds of flavourful duck meat and savoury pieces of Andouille Sausage in a hearty roux with long grain rice.  Yum!  The Crispy Clam Fritters were quite well done too, with a light yet creamy avocado drizzle on top of tasty crispy balls of tender clams/seafood filling.

For our main course, we both chose the Grilled Wild Alaskan King Salmon topped with port soaked cherries, cracked rosemary, and smoked almond brown butter.  The cherries brought out the sweetness of the fish, and the smoked almonds gave a really nice toasted crunchy texture to the salmon.  The salmon itself was delicious and cooked to the perfect tenderness.  Yummy!  And being in America, the portion was more than generous!  This dish in itself was worth over $15 ($18.95 on the lunch menu)!

Lastly, for dessert, I had the Angel Food Cake with whisky ice cream and topped with cracked praline and vanilla rum syrup.  The cake was so light and fluffly, and the ice cream was so smooth and creamy.  The syrup and craked praline made it all a bit too sweet, but heck, it’s dessert!

Kris had the Pecan Pie with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.  His dessert was a bit on the heavy side, and very sweet to taste.  But he devoured all the chocolaty-goodness nonetheless.

All in all, we would definitely come back the Blueacre Seafood the next time we’re visiting downtown Seattle.  Quality fresh food for an awesome price!  You’d never get such a deal in Vancouver!

Blueacre Seafood
1700 7th Avenue, Seattle
Blueacre on Urbanspoon

Blue Acre Website
Blue Acre Menu (lunch);
Blue Acre Menu (dinner)

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